Infant Massage: A Gift of Love

All parents tell themselves, "I am going to be the best parent ever! I am going to give my child everything they need! I’ll do an even better job than my parents did!"

If you are thinking this way you are off to an enthusiastic start! Now how many of you thought, "I am going to massage my baby every day to give the start of a life time!" What? You say you haven't heard of infant massage? Well, read on and you will learn how to give the gift of love that will last the rest of your child's lifetime.

Infant massage promotes bonding and attachment between an infant and their parents! This is very important to the emotional well being of both infant and parent! Through bonding a baby begins to develop trust and a connection, as well as it is essential for your baby to thrive. Many parents begin this bonding process during pregnancy, however bonding is not always automatic. For parents who have created their family through adoption the bonding and attachment begins after the birth. Therefore, infant massage provides all parents a wonderful opportunity to build your confidence by learning to read your babies cues. You will be able to help them feel better when they have gas or colic. You will experience massage as a way to calm them down before bedtime. Parents learn to trust their own instincts as parents and allow their baby to be a baby.

Massage is a wonderful way for adopted babies to release anxiety and emotions involved in the change that has occurred. It also assists in the development of a new bond with their adoptive family.

Infant massage also benefits your baby's health and yours too! By practicing regular relaxation time you then model this for your baby. Stress is the cause of many illnesses. So release stress for both of you by taking time out of lives busy schedule and making infant massage a peaceful interaction. Learn to strengthen your baby's digestive system and help eliminate gas. When babies are uncomfortable they tend to cry more and sleep less, leading to parent frustrations. These strokes work for grown ups too. Massage also helps improve circulation and respiration. And everyone sleeps better!

While receiving all of these amazing benefits of infant massage, your baby will also become smarter! Yes, intellectual growth is stimulated through the stress and relaxation cycle. Babies are working hard everyday taking in all the new experiences of their surroundings. This activity triggers stress which produces hormones in the brain activating adrenaline. Once you massage your baby they relax. The body needs both stress and relaxation to stimulate learning and memory. Over stimulation or too much stress will make the brain shutdown. With societies pressures today, learning to relax will help your children cope better. It will become a natural response just like their immune system is triggered when they are sick.

So the list of benefits goes on and on! Infant massage is great for dads! Dads often want to be involved and develop their own bond with their new baby. Moms may have more time to bond and they may also be breast-feeding, while dads may feel they are missing out. Some working parents also feel the pressure to fit in their quality time with their new little one. Parents can come home from a busy day and enjoy a few minutes of quality bonding time with their baby through massage. Some massage is better then none! So be the best parent you can be and give your baby the gift of love: infant massage!

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